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In 2015, the domestic steel market to metal products with smooth running of the situation this year, operators of the new year metal products industry expressed expectations, with the economic steady growth, increased demand for metal products highlights, so as to inject impetus to the steel market for metal products.

Some metal products in the financial Chinese newspaper reporter "accept" interview with the operators of metallurgical steel trade when said that these days sales of metal wire drawing material can still customers to purchase a lot, some large steel trading company sales of less 400-500 tons, more than 1000 tons or more, some price reached 2000 tons. A steady rise in the Shanghai market, drawing materials (Q195) prices rose 20-30 yuan / ton.

Shanghai Bao Xia trade development limited company salesman told reporters, drawing material price on the market at the end of the year is to rise, now Shanxi Xintai 8mm- 16mm (Q195) high price 2750 yuan / ton, compared with yesterday's intraday price rose 10-30 yuan / ton. These wire drawing materials are mainly used in fastener manufacturing. They are used to make all kinds of screws and screws. Some of them are used for wire drawing, and they are very expensive in fastening industries.

In other areas of China's metal products with the overall stability of steel market, some specifications of the price zhangdiehuxian, at the end of the year (December 31st) the price of wood drawing markets in Wenzhou, Tianjin and other regions rose 20-50 yuan / ton, the Wenzhou market is 6.5mm (SAE1008) price of 2850 yuan / ton, Hua Xi materials offer 2880 yuan / ton yesterday, rose 20 yuan / ton; on the market in Guangzhou is 6.5mm (XGL) price of 3040 yuan / ton. The Nanjing market and hard line resources are relatively scarce, price stability, hard line production Shagang Phi 6.5mm (45#) ex factory price 3060 yuan / ton, sales turnover in general, is not very smooth.

Compared with wire drawing material, the cold heading steel market with larger demand for metal products is slightly inferior. If the steady run in the Guangzhou area of cold heading steel market, steel production 6A price remained at 3190 yuan / ton, daily sales of more than 300 tons of large number. Market price of cold heading steel in Wuhan area is stable. At the end of the year, Wuhan with 6.5mm (6A, 8A) of cold heading steel market price of 3300 yuan / ton. Metal products manufacturers are concentrated in the Wenzhou area, the cold heading steel market price level downward, 08AL price of 3080 yuan / ton, compared with yesterday fell 20 yuan / ton, Maanshan Iron and steel 35K cold heading steel prices stable at 3300 yuan / ton, traders sales in general, low-cost resources into the north, bring certain influence to the local spot market price.

Some operators believe that in the last week of 2014, the impact of wire drawing materials, cold heading steel and other metal products steel market factors more, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, tight funding to curb the release of downstream terminal demand. Because nowadays is in the end, mark at the end of the season and the end of the year, highlights the contradiction between the shortage of funds, due to insufficient funds once metal products manufacturers, most on-demand procurement, no stockpile. Some annual orders have been completed, considering the production after the year, and therefore not eager to purchase steel, so the recent demand has shrunk.

Two is the recent manufacturing sector is not booming, and spread to the metal manufacturing industry, the metal products steel market has some impact. According to HSBC latest announcement, China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in December, the final value of 49.6, a record low of 8 months. The new orders index fell to 49.7, the lowest level since May this year, and the price index has slipped again. Despite the temporary decline in data, such as the APEC period, production plants have not yet fully resumed work, but the overall manufacturing industry is still in trouble.

Three domestic steel market overall weakness, downturn trend. Enter 204 years since December, the domestic major steel market prices into shock down channel, some steel prices decline strong, and record innovation low, for nearly 12 of the lowest price. In addition, billet market prices continued to fall, the current rolling billet cost 2200 yuan / ton, while the blank market price upside down 50-80 yuan / ton, billets, such as dropped to 2100 yuan / ton, will force some steel production, production.

Four is the regional market steel prices obvious difference, showing "south strong North weak" pattern. Because of the climate effects, northern steel market demand weakened, highlights the contradiction between supply and demand, the excess resources diverted to the south, and the price of steel "North wood down" is generally low, the impact on the price of South market.

Five traders return the loan, the sale price. At the end of the year, many steel trading business for funds to alleviate the contradiction, most choose to ship, to return the funds, to the degree. Some steel trading company shipped low, making steel prices hovering low.

In view of these factors, in the metal products at the end of 2014 the steel market does not seem to be much better, but on 2015 the manufacturing industry operators metal and metal products steel market said expectations, demand that the spot should pay attention to.

2015, although China's economy entered the new normal, but the economy still maintained steady growth situation, the domestic metal products industry continued to inject power and vitality. Such as the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, ring, Bohai Economic Zone, Northeast China, central China, "The Belt and Road" driven metal products and metal products industry development needs of the market, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Wenzhou and other places to increase metal products processing and development efforts, to move forward to high-tech manufacturing industry. At present, China's metal products industry has formed a considerable scale, the layout is reasonable, large, medium and small enterprises combined, relatively complete industry system. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumption structure and industrialization, urbanization accelerated, led to iron and steel and other metals