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With the continuous development of China's automobile, marine engineering, ship, railway locomotives, rail transportation, construction machinery manufacturing industry, special metal products demand is increasing, thereby stimulating specific metal products of steel demand, operators and industry insiders believe that the market prospects, will become a major bright spot in the domestic steel market.

Container crane, port machinery, grab the lock; the auxiliary frame, the exhaust pipe of the engine, the car dashboard bracket; sport utility vehicles on the bridge by light half shaft; the drive axle heavy truck on the truck axle shaft tube and tube; all kinds of specific type of skeleton, and other parts of the bus frame the tube; oil derrick, drill pipe, leg of marine engineering equipment on ship oil pipe; water; cement pump truck engineering construction machinery with specific metal tube, and so on, these are the specific metal products, if there is no such specific metal products, then produce cars, ships, you can not create the marine engineering equipment, can not see the cranes, excavators, road building machine....... This shows that special metal products in China's industrial manufacturing plays an important role.

It is called "special metal product" because of its particularity. According to insiders, specific metal products "special" refers to meet industry user demand for materials with high performance and high technical standards, "different" to satisfy the needs of multi industry, different users and different application environment of shape change. And its "special" and "different", for the use of steel is also more special, the performance of steel requirements than ordinary steel is much higher, much stricter, much larger. Such as high specific strength, low temperature resistant metal products, specific metal products, metal products, specific corrosion fatigue resistance of specific metal products and easy welding specific metal products, the steel must have a tensile strength of high strength, high toughness and high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fatigue life, and high yield strength. For example, offshore platform equipment has high requirements for the strength, impact toughness and low temperature resistance of its various components. Especially with the gradual decrease of the global oil reserves, more and more petroleum equipments are used in harsh environments. The oil derrick pipes must withstand the low temperature impact of -30 degrees C to -50 degrees, so as to avoid brittle fracture. Therefore, most of the offshore platform equipment is made of special metal products with excellent performance. The steel used in the platform requires not only high strength, low temperature toughness, but also good corrosion resistance to seawater.

Moreover, as China's efforts to control environmental pollution continue to increase, the automobile manufacturing industry is facing new challenges and tests. The fuel, energy and exhaust emissions of automobiles are strictly limited, and the vehicle safety requirements are improved. For cars, 10% less fuel, and less fuel consumption, 8%-10%. The weight loss of the lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy is too high, and the main way to reduce weight is to reduce weight through the adoption of high performance materials or through rational design to improve the stress structure. To improve the strength and reduce the weight by replacing the traditional material parts with special metal parts is one of the important ways to reduce the weight of automobiles proposed by the automobile industry association of china. Therefore, the chassis, engine bracket, door frame and other special metal products used in automobiles require high strength and light weight. Meanwhile, they require green and environmental protection.

The use of special metal products, determines the special metal products, steel must also "special" and "different", ordinary steel can not be replaced.

In the future, China's special metal products industry will be sustained and rapid development, special metal products steel market prospects are very broad. The industry believes that, due to the application of specific metal products field, relates to the field of vehicle, ship, port machinery, construction machinery, marine engineering and petroleum machinery, and most of these industries is the pillar industry of the national economy, with the steady development of our economy, the manufacturing industry also will continue to develop. Not long ago, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a state council working meeting to revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China, put forward to do strong equipment manufacturing industry, to seize the major high-speed rail projects, nuclear power, such as the construction of UHV opportunity to promote the technology, product innovation, and promote northeast equipment to the world.

Similarly, officially issued "on the cultivation of strong marine engineering equipment industry views" Yantai daily, "opinions" put forward, and strive to 2020, Yantai marine equipment industry the main business income of more than 80 billion yuan, built an important domestic marine equipment innovation platform, financial service centers, products distribution base, Yantai to become the all marine equipment industry with international influence ".

The development of equipment manufacturing industry will drive the demand for special metal products. Taking the marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry as an example, marine engineering is a strategic industry to provide technical and equipment support for marine development and national defense construction, and the development of marine engineering equipment is the primary task of the National Marine development. China's offshore areas are rich in oil and gas prospects, a series of sedimentary basins with a total area of one million square kilometers, the exploration and development potential of marine resources is enormous. The exploitation of offshore oil and gas will certainly promote the development of marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry. While in the marine engineering equipment, most of the specific metal products with excellent performance, such as the main platform for marine oil derrick, drill pipe, legs and other parts of specific metal pipe, a pipe oil platform amount of about 1 tons, of which the specific amount of tube is about 1000 to 2000 tons. "Twelve