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The metal products industry consists of structural metal products, metal tools, containers and metal packaging containers, stainless steel and similar daily-use metal products. With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, metal products are used more and more widely in industry, agriculture and people's life. They also create more and more value.

Metal products industry also encountered some difficulties in the development process, such as single technology, low level of technology, lack of advanced equipment, shortage of qualified personnel, and so on, restricted the development of metal products industry. Therefore, the development of China's metal products industry can be improved by improving the technical level of enterprises, introducing advanced technology and equipment, training qualified personnel and so on.

In 2009, the products of the metal products industry will become more and more diversified, and the technical level of the industry is becoming higher and higher. The quality of the products will increase steadily, and the competition and market will be further rationalized. In addition, the country's further standardization of the industry, as well as the implementation of preferential policies related to the industry, 2009-2012 years, the metal products industry will have great room for development